About Us

Your Web Guy is a full service Internet Consulting Company owned and operated by Michael F Martelli. Mr. Martelli has been operating as an Internet Consultant since 2005, and YWG moved its headquarters from Severn, MD, to Port St Lucie, FL, in 2014. Before entering the Internet Services industry, he spent 8 years working at a $1Billion Global Data Communications Company in Annapolis, MD. Over those 8 years, Mr. Martelli held positions in Network Operations, Customer Support, Program Management, and Business Development. This special mix of technical, customer interface, and business experience allows him to uniquely understand and unite the technical aspects of the Internet with the business objectives of businesses of all sizes.

Why Choose Your Web Guy?


Your Web Guy has a dedicated team of experienced project managers, programming specialists, support and user services personnel committed to meeting delivery deadlines, budget allocations and other business IT objectives of our clients. Our aim is to develop strong, ongoing relationships and long-term partnerships, based on mutual growth and respect.

Project Management

Our account managers and project managers work closely with you and the development team. Every aspect of the project, from strategic planning and content development through final delivery is carefully evaluated and planned before and during the development phase. This and any project that involves the creation and delivery of a website will follow the phased development approach of the WSI Lifecycle. A standard lifecycle provides repeatable processes and deliverables in a phased delivery approach that ensures a clear communication of scope, progress and status during each phase of the project. The implementation of a proven methodology streamlines the development process and maximizes value. As a result, clients realize a lower cost and higher quality for their Internet solution.

Quality Assurance

A comprehensive quality management policy is essential for delivering quality software. WSI will apply process and quality control procedures to ensure that quality software is delivered as per the time schedule. The following procedures will be followed:

• Process Quality: The deliverable of each stage of the project will be reviewed to ensure that the subsequent stage is receiving quality input. The complete team will follow process quality procedure while routine audits will ensure that the Process Quality procedure is being followed.

• Deliverable Quality: Over and above the process quality, each deliverable to client will be thoroughly tested and quality assured.

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